Reiki healing

Reiki healing, commonly known as hands-on-healing or the palm healing, refers to an independent, natural healing technique that emerged from Japan in the late 1800s, which is used to reduce stress, relax, and help in the healing process while developing a person’s spiritual and mental wellbeing. It is carried out by laying on the hands as it is based on the belief that “life force energy” flows over us and is why we are alive. The technique involves using names such as clearing, beaming, and infusing, smoothing, exhausting harmful energies, raking the aura, and smoothing raking. The current form of Reiki was developed by a Japanese Buddhist, Mikao Usui, in 1922. The Usui method can be found here

The founder, Dr.Mikao Usui, came from a wealthy Buddhist family. Hence his social class during this lifetime enabled him to acquire education. During his classes, he developed an interest in psychology, theology, and medicine. The combination of the three drove Dr. Usui’s desire to find a way of healing his people and himself by merely laying hands. In the monastery, Usui attended a training rediscovery of his own on a mountain called Kurama, where he meditated, fasted, and prayed for 21 days. On the morning of his 21st day, Dr. Usui received a life-changing event whereby he saw the ancient symbols of Sanskrit, which helped him to be able to develop the healing system. After this awakening on the mountain, the selfless Dr. Usui designed this healing system and established a healing clinic and a school for teaching this new art where it’s believed he taught approximately 2000 masters during his lifetime. Amongst his masters was Dr. Chujiro Hayashi (a former naval officer) who later developed a Reiki clinic in Tokyo.

The process of healing.

This healing method involves the practitioner using different specified shapes lightly. It lays hands on the patient on specific areas of the limps, head, and torso in the process of transferring the Reiki energy to his/her patient until he/she feels that the heat has stopped flowing. The laying of hands on a particular part of the body takes a maximum of between two to five minutes. During this practice, the hands of the practitioner are observed to be tingling and, on the other hand, warm. This practice of healing is mostly held in a peaceful environment. Still, it’s vital to note that the surroundings of its practice are not limited; hence, the practitioners can be conducted anywhere. James is a Reiki Master and his practice can be found in Dorchester, although he can use distant healing to reach anybody in the world:

The spread of the Reiki healing

The spread of this art of healing is mostly credited to Dr.Hayashi. After setting up his new clinic in Tokyo, Dr. Hayashi further developed Dr. Usui’s technique by adding a unique style of hand positioning, which helped in thoroughly covering the whole body and refining the attunement process. He went ahead to teach several Reiki masters, among them a woman known as Hawayo Takata.

This woman initially had gone to Dr. Hayashi to be healed, and upon her healing, she decided to study this art of healing. She leaned Reiki one and Reiki two after which, near the beginning of world war two, she went back to her home in the united states and continued practicing until she became a Reiki master. She also made changes to her form of healing and used it to heal people in the States in the process of spreading this art of healing to others.

Reiki for animals.

This process of offering Reiki energy to animals involves laying hands on the animal to heal the animal from physical illness, compliment the veterinary care, release emotional problems that trigger behavioral problems, and promote the natural growth of the animals.

It’s vital noting that the Reiki energy given to people is the same as the Reiki given to animals. Still, their arises differences since the animals have no means of communication as the human being; hence when giving the energy to animals, the practitioner should let the animal take charge. When applying this system of healing to animals, it’s advised the process to be conducted in the animal’s environment where they feel safe. For a practitioner to effectively work on the animals, its safe for him or her to first understand the most important basics about the animal he/she is treating.

Benefits of the Reiki healing to animals. i. It improves the comfort of the animal

ii. Promotes the feeling of relaxation to the animal hence helping the animal in the process of sleeping.

iii. It gives the animal emotional comfort

iv. Helps in the healing process of the animal’s wounds or injuries